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Mazhura - utensils from the Ukrainian manufacturer

The choice of utensils in Ukrainian stores is simply awesome. But you will be surprised at the fact that it will be difficult to find utensils of Ukrainian production among all the diversity. Today everything has changed. After all, a new trade mark Mazhura, which represents utensils of Ukrainian production, appeared on the vessel market. Like every modern manufacturer, Mazhura has an official website. Here you will find all the information you need about the brand and products that it represents.

So what is the Mazhura dishes? This is a wide catalog of products with a number of benefits:

  • high quality;
  • wide range
  • Available price.

    These criteria were met by manufacturers, creating a line of cookware from Mazhura. All products are divided into a series, which greatly facilitates the search and selection of necessary goods. Dishes are available to retailers and wholesalers.

    Mazhura dishes are divided into two subcategories:

    1. Kitchen utensils and dishes for serving tables. In the catalog you will find knives, buckets, salad bowls and other types of products. You can also order a set of Mazhura crockery, which will be a great birthday present, housewarming or wedding party. All goods presented on the site are also available to wholesale buyers. Our clients are retail stores, restaurants, cafes from all over Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv and others. Mazhura dishes are inexpensive, which allows stores to increase profits, and restaurants to reduce the cost of kitchen equipment.
    2. Items for designing festive tables and kendry bars. Mazhura has prepared an interesting offer for those who need items for holidays. This is a variety of vases, stands for sweets, cakes, pastries, fruit cakes and other dishes in this direction. All products of Ukrainian production and differ in democratic prices. You can order one vase, for example, for a home. Or arrange a wholesale order if the kendry bars are your specialty.

      How to buy Mazhura dishes?

      You can use the filtration system to find the right products on the site. This will greatly simplify the purchasing process. Each item has a description of the main parameters. Also, here are the prices for Mazhura products. If you have any questions, you can always contact the store managers. When buying Mazhura utensils, you get a good quality product and support the domestic manufacturer.